TE.EN.FARM. project would like to accelerate the route to embed Entrepreneurship Education (EE) in upper secondary I VET schools (and for trainers involved in training activities in C VET) in agrarian sector, in order to give evidence to policy makers responsible for acting new curricula.

TE.EN.FARM.’ s CONTEXT rests on three findings:

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    “Entrepreneurship Education (EE) is essential not only to shape the mind-sets of young people but also to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes that are central to developing an entrepreneurial culture.” (Entrepreneurship Education at school in Europe, Eurydice Report, 2016).
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    Farming is the principal economic activity in most rural areas all over Europe (Eurostat, 2017).
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    Evidence-based Policy-Making in Education needs evidence (Eurydice report 2017).

Overall OBJECTIVES are:

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    participating to the large debate on redefining European education and training priorities (ET2020 COM(2015) 408 final);
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    giving an incentive to the “2010 Progression Model” presented in above mentioned Eurydice Report which starts with a step called “Pre-strategy (based on individual initiative)” and goes on with “Strategy Development” (mapping and analyzing good practice examples) until to finalize (after TE.EN.FARM ending) into “Strategy Consolidation Progressive Implementation of Practice”.
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    identifying a new skills for farmers in Europe 2020’s strategy.
Intellectual outputs

Curriculum “Entrepreneurship Education (EE) in farming”

A new proposal for a Curriculum titled “Entrepreneurship Education (EE) in farming”. It’s a Course available in a Moodle platform, you can enter and try it!

“TE.EN.FARM. CPD Toolkit”

This is a tool set (Continuing Professional Development (CPD) TOOLKIT), supporting I-Vet teachers (and C-Vet trainers) in Entrepreneurship Education (EE) in farming.

“Policy recommendations on embedding EE in farming in academic paths”

This output is a Report in PDF version, useful to illustrate TE.EN.FARM. results and the importance to embed EE in farming in VET paths. This document collects approach, success factors, problems and results obtained from the TE.EN.FARM project, and proposes suggestions for its implementation.

Events and Learning activities

Netherlands Event

All together to discuss on O1

Germany Event

On line event to discuss O2

Italian Event

On line event to discuss O2

Training activities for bulgarian and italian student

On line training to present and debate with students on EE

Training activities for teachers

On line training to teach to teachers on EE

Training activities for danish students

On line training to dicuss with Dalum’s students on EE


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