The Community budget (now in force that of the seven-year period 2014-2020, visible at the link), includes, among other expenses, also those destined for community funding, which can be divided into:

  • Directly managed loans: management is entrusted to the Member States through central and regional administrations. They are the structural funds, which finance regional policy, social and training programs and agriculture (including support for farmers).
  • Indirectly managed funds: managed directly by the European Commission, which issues programs in various sectors (health, citizenship, environment, consumer protection, energy, etc.) and then calls for tenders (or notices to submit proposals)

You can also find the interesting “Guide to European funding for beginners”, at the following link.

Umbria Region has received the approval of the main Programs relating respectively to: Regional Operational Program European Fund Regional Development 2014-2020(ERDF) and also Regional Operational Program European Social Fund 2014-2020 (POR ESF).

Even rural development for agricultural businesses and individuals who want to encourage forms of cooperation and social inclusion thanks to agriculture, has its own program called the2014-2020Rural Development Program of Umbria

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EDRF Umbria Region
ESF FUND Umbria Region