CESAR’s fields of intervention concerning international projects are the following.

  • Projects in International cooperation for development, to promote CESAR abroad as a prime Centre for studies, vocational training and scientific research to encourage the exchange for resources and skills to increase the competitive potential of the involved countries. These projects aim to work in Third Countries in order to form highly qualified human resources capable of laying the basis for sustainable development;
  • Projects that involve an international partnership, oriented to innovation and the exchange of good practices in different fields of interest: rural development, food farming and environment.

This activity is mainly developed through national programs funded and recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or EU projects of various kind (Erasmus +, Life, Horizon 2020, Creative Europe etc…).
The implementation of the actions is also carried out with the cooperation and assistance of the University of Perugia, through the supervision of a team of academics and international experts.

Projects carried out.