CESAR carries out studies, researches and consultancies aimed at a socio-economic enhancement of the territory. Realized in collaboration with the Department of Agrarian and Environmental Sciences (DSA3) and other departments of the University of Perugia, the macro-areas of intervention concern territorial and local development, agriculture and production systems, agro-industry and the improvement and preservation of natural resources and environment.

CESAR is included in the Regional List of Business Advisory Bodies envisaged by the Rural Development Program.

Organization of seminars and events for the dissemination of issues related to regional development support programs; socio-economic analysis of rural realities and territorial contexts for local or sectoral development; consultancy for the drafting and management of sectoral and / or territorial projects for access to public funding.


The activity takes the form of the study and study of issues related to the various environmental and territorial realities, with the aim of guaranteeing its users complete and adequate assistance that extends from the analytical phase to the planning and executive phase, based on of skills gained over the years.

In this context, the consultancy activities carried out by the CESAR in support of public and private bodies, which include:

  • analysis, monitoring and evaluation of local development environmental projects
  • plans for monitoring and managing protected and environmental risk areas
  • feasibility studies and environmental assessments
  • voluntary environmental certification
  • plans for the development of environmentally friendly activities