The reform of the Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020 has introduced important changes for agricultural entrepreneurs, operators in the rural world and, more generally, for operators and stakeholdersin the Italian agri-food chain. The reform is divided into three main agricultural policy instruments:

  • direct payments, intended to support farmers’ income and to remunerate the production of public goods;
  • the Common Market Organization (single CMO), aimed at providing solutions for the efficient operation of the supply chains and agricultural markets; is
  • the rural development policy, managed at the regional level and aimed at pursuing transversal objectives linked to the innovation of agro-forestry companies, the protection of the environment, the adaptation and mitigation of climate change.


Within the rural development policy, risk management in agriculture, managed at national level, has an important emphasis in this programming. The rural development policy envisages making available to agricultural businesses tools that can help safeguard corporate income: subsidized insurance, mutual funds, IST- tools for stabilizing income.

The objective of this page is to provide information material (documentation, regulations, presentations, etc.) to keep industry operators constantly updated on news regarding the implementation of the CAP in Italy. Furthermore, the “direct payments” section offers the possibility to download the direct payments calculation program, implemented by the Applied Economics Research Unit of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences of the University of Peugia, to simulate the amount and the trend of direct aids in the 2014-2020 period.

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Gestione del Rischio in Agricoltura

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Direct payments calculation form 2014-2020 by Angelo Frascarelli, Gabriele Chiodini, Stefano Ciliberti is distributed with a Creative Commons Attribution License– Non-commercial – Share Alike 4.0 International