CESAR works in planning and managing training programs, concerning food processing sector, environment, EU policies and training for trainers. The large base of skills that CESAR has at its disposal, also allows to promote and successfully implement training activities in many other fields. Those trainings are designed for a national and international target such as young graduates, who are looking for a specialisation in order to enter the labour market in a qualified way. These trainings are also for workers (entrepreneurs or freelance) who need to keep up-to-date with the technical and normative news, concerning their professional field.

Beyond the financed courses, concerning the topics of the compulsory schooling, of the continuous training (for employee) and higher education (post degree, high school and university), CESAR also offers different kinds of courses for a fee, designed on the market’s or on the client’s needs.


Concerning the Vocational Education and Training (VET), CESAR owns these accreditations/certifications:

  • Accreditation by the REGIONE UMBRIAfor the management of the projects funded by the Structural Funds related to the basic education, higher education and to continuing education (DD 2719 by the 31/03/2006)
  • Accreditation by CONAF(National Council of the Agronomists and Doctors of Forestery class) for the supply of refresher courses trainings requested by professional associations (resolution CONAF 619 of 12-13 December 2017)
  • Accreditation by FOR.AGRI for the project development and management of trainings for companies who join the fund
  • Accreditation by Italian Ministry of Research and Education (MIUR) and by Umbria Education Office for tr(USR Umbria) aining activities for teachers (USR Umbria Resolution n. 92 of 7th February 2017).
  • Certification within the meaning of the ISO 9001legislation for the “Planning and provision of training services, research and consulting, also through the organization of meetings, concerning EU policies, food processing, rural development and environment (Sector EA: 37-35)” certification n° CERT-12853-2003-AQ-ROM-SINCERT


CESAR has an online training dedicated website (ww.elearningcesar.com) that can also be a support to the classical in-class training.