CESAR works in the planning and management of training activities, aimed at different target users, at national and international level.

Precision agriculture

CESAR plays an important role in the application and dissemination of technologies among Italian farms that intend to approach change.


This area of expertise is aimed at all public and private entities so that they can more easily benefit from the vast range of community opportunities.

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

CESAR prepares information material to keep sector operators constantly updated on news regarding the implementation of the CAP in Italy.

Online marketing

Under construction

Rural Development

CESAR carries out studies, researches and consultancies aimed at a socio-economic enhancement of the territory.

Advertising for public bodies

CESAR carries out analyzes and in-depth studies on environment, territory and local development. It deals with the analytical phase and the planning and executive phase.


Legal texts that can be a guide to clarify the regulatory aspects, but also the financing for the restart of new economic models of territorial development.