CESAR offers its skills to Local Authorities, supporting them in different activities, including: planning, consulting, socio-economical surveys, entertainment activities, information, vocational training and event organization. Here are some of the activities that CESAR offers as a support for Local Authorities:

Projects and counselling

  • Feasibility studies for the restoration and environmental requalification
  • Economic planning and planning in the environmental field
  • Plans for the development of environmentally friendly activities
  • Studies and programs for nature conservation and biodiversity enhancement
  • Forest management and management plans
  • Natura 2000 Management Plans
  • Protected areas management plans
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments
  • Incidence Assessments
  • Analysis, evaluation and biological monitoring of areas at environmental risk
  • Agenda 21 Local Plans
  • Environmental Certification according to Reg. EC 761/2001, “EMAS” or “UNI EN ISO 14001, for public and private entities.
  • Rural Development Plans
  • Design and execution of objective controls in agriculture, cadastral surveys and land use, inventories of agricultural production
  • Design and development of territorial information systems, web systems
  • Thematic cartography production
  • Design, implementation, management of regional, national and community research projects (directorate-general for research, etc.)
  • Support to planning for participation in regional calls concerning: rural development, environment, tourism, culture

Socio-economic surveys

  • Economic development plans for protected areas
  • Socio-economic investigations for Park Authorities
  • Socio-economic surveys to support local businesses
  • Socio-economic surveys aimed at drafting the General Regulatory Plans, Territorial Development Plans and Trade Plans
  • Planning and consultancy for territorial and local development plans / programs
  • Preliminary investigations and analyzes for the preparation of the Territorial Urban Planning Plans
  • Studies, research, complex designs (program contracts, supply chain contracts, etc.), for agro-industrial and agro-energy projects
  • Feasibility studies, sector studies, business plans
  • Development of development plans with market surveys

Animation / Information Activities

  • Animation / Information Activities for schools
  • Information and design services, on the policies of the European Union programs under the 2014-2020 RDP, the ERDF 2014-2020 Regional Operational Plan and the European Social Fund


  • Planning and management of training interventions, based on calls issued by the Region of Umbria, within the European Social Fund, the Rural Development Program.

Event Organizations

  • Organization and management of events and shows for businesses, associations and citizens on community, agricultural, environmental, tourism and social issues